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    Shaian Mollaret

    Dr. Shaian Veronique Mollaret is a Chiropractor and wellness coach, and co-founder of Café of Life Chiropractic. Dr. Shaian has been in practice in Toronto since 2002, and enjoys giving wellness talks and Lunch-and-Learns to the community. Clients throughout her career include the Toronto Police Force, Four Seasons headquarters, Bay Street law firms, and the Royal Bank. Dr. Shaian holds a Level 3 certification in Network Spinal Analysis, is a member of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA), certified in Webster Technique, certified in Maximized Living Spinal Correction and is a Certified Custom Orthotics practitioner.

    Dr. Shaian’s many passions include working with families and young children, as she draws on her own experience raising three young children.  Attending births to adjust moms during pregnancy and checking infants at birth and during developmental milestones is privilege and an honour.  Assisting parents in raising a healthy family naturally is one of Dr. Shaian's most cherished roles.  She is passionate about nutrition and loves sharing her practical tips and research.

    In her personal time, she finds balance and bliss through Vinyassa yoga classes, horseback riding, mountain biking and testing out new recipes. Her focus is on the respect and protection of our greatest assets: our body and minds, our children, and our planet. Dr. Shaian’s mission is to revolutionize health care by teaching the true principles of health and healing, and removing the interference in the nervous system to allow people to reach their inborn potential.

    Network Spinal Analysis- Level 3 certification- 2009 Dr. Epstein

    Webster Technique Certified - Pregnancy Care

    Spinal Corrective Care- Maximized Nerve Supply- Max Living certification

    CST- Craniosacral Therapy

    SOT technique

    CATs- Cranial Adjusting Technique Turner Style

    Quality Nutrition- Maximized Living certification

    Custom Orthotic Therapy certified

    ICPA member- International Pediatric Chiropractic Association


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