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Dr. Evan Thomas Hill

Nutritional Cleanse Consultant

  • Dr.
    Evan Thomas Hill

    Dr. Evan Thomas Hill practiced Chiropractic for 10 years alongside helping people with body composition transformations. Three years ago he left the career of Chiropractic to immerse himself into fatherhood more deeply, and pursue his passion to internationally have an impact in helping people get their health and body composition on track with his programs. Click here to learn about the program that he customizes and fully supports people with.

    My Services:

    The program I most often recommend people start with is the 30 day body composition and cleansing program UNLESS the person’s body composition is on point from their perspective which is often the case with an ATHLETE. In this case I will create a performance and recovery program for the athlete instead. For everyone else, a decade of experience has shown me this the most effective way to start.

    The Isagenix 30 day body composition and cleansing program addresses 3 main issues that are not addressed with regular grocery store eating or with dieting. They are the SAME ISSUES that are causing people to experience MAJOR CHALLENGES with THEIR BODY COMPOSITION, ENERGY AND PREMATURE AGING.

    They are nutritional deficiency, toxicity and stress.

    Nutritional deficiency: the food supply and choices people are making for convenience are nutritional deficient compared to what they once were. As a result the body becomes deficient in nutrients, which causes the body to scavenge or CRAVE food in search of these nutrients. People cannot fight this and the problem is that people DON’T usually grab KALE when it happens, they grab their comfort food of choice. What ends up actually happening is OVER EATING OR EATING THE WRONG FOODS. Isagenix knows this challenge is real and designed a perfect meal convenient meal with the ideal ratio of MACRO nutrients (grass fed protein, healthy fats and low glycemic carbs) and the blanket of MICRO nutrients (vitamins, mineral and trace minerals) which are most commonly deficient in our food. When the body is properly nourished cravings subside, people can make empowered nutritional choices and the body can build healthy cells. This is a critical step in the equation.

    Toxicity: Toxicity insidiously impacts every area of the body including: blocking healthy cellular function, distorting brain transmission of info to cells, impacting hormones and causing immune system hyperactivity and inflammation. Toxins also cause weight gain as the liver requires a long list of nutrients everyday to process toxins and get them out of the body. When the nutrients aren’t there, which USUALLY they aren’t with the state of the food supply and what people are eating, the liver cannot process the toxins and get them out of the body. The body is very smart and it takes these toxins and surrounds them with fat and water and stores them in our fat stores away from the internal organs. These areas include our visceral fat and our belly area initially and can spread from there. This fat is VERY difficult to release as body does not want to release it as it is PROTECTING the body from the toxins, UNLESS we give the body the right conditions to do so. The right conditions includes giving the body the right nutrition (which is accomplished in the first solution I mentioned) AND giving it a break from solid food so the body can catch up from decades of accumulation. People do not typically create these conditions unless they are directed by a health professional, so for most, they ACCUMULATE toxins decade after decade. Isagenix knows this so they created a program that is gives the body the nutrition it needs first, then gives the body a break from solid food while nourishing it with a liquid drink to support the liver as it takes care of processing the stored toxins it will NOT reach in everyday conditions.

    Stress hormones: To alter body composition we have to get stress under control. Chronic stress alters our cortisol levels which encourages fat gain and the burning of our muscle. We can’t always change or control the stresses around us but we can impact how our body responds to them. Isagenix created a product that consists of a series of plants that helps our body adapt to stress so the stresses of daily life do not impact our stress hormone levels the same. This allows us to move forward with our body composition goals as without getting stress under control it is extremely difficult to make any change.

    The program we recommend is 30 days to start. It combines these strategies from Isagenix with foods from the grocery store you would normally eat.

    The program is fully guaranteed so you can literally do the program for 28 days for example and if you aren’t happy you can get your program refunded completely. This is unheard of in the health field and a testament to Isagenix knowing it has a iPHONE 7 strategy that works.

    The program replaces 2 meals a day and 60 snacks over 30 days and the total cost is $14 a day, shipped to your door. See program and breakdown of cost at the BOTTOM of this link.


    to read up on each product and their world class ingredients go to:


    to watch a yoga instructors and nutritionists perspective on the program:


    The program is fully supported. I will, with my team, support you all the way through. We will touch base before you start to make sure you are all set for your first day. Days 1 to 6 are the same and on day 6 we will touch base before your first cleanse day on Day 7 to make sure you are all set for it. Then we will connect again on day 25 to help you with aligning with your health goals moving forward.

    There is no cost for my program creation or support. I earn a small percentage from Isagenix for the products purchased and with a customer base of close to a thousand people around the world…it adds up to make a difference for our family.

    If you have any questions please send them to me or text me at 416-271-8961

    Is this something you would want to do I will help you with setting up the initial order to meet your needs over the phone.


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