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Chiropractic for Kids

Emotional Eating

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Baby Crawling: How Important It Really Is

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A Healthy Child is a Well-Adjusted Child

Start your child’s first year with the chiropractic advantage

You should have your baby’s spine checked:

1)      Immediately after birth

2)      On holding up his/her head

3)      When able to sit alone

4)      When starting to crawl

5)      When standing alone

6)      On taking his/her first step

Why should you have your child’s spine checked?

Because you love your baby.

“An ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

There are two philosophies of health care for children today:

1)      To be reactive- wait until our children are sick and then give them drugs               

                          THIS IS THE MEDICAL-DRUG MODEL

2)      To be proactive- Give your children the best functioning body possible                  


Understanding the difference is vital to “How to Keep Your Children Healthy and Drug-Free.”

Our goal is to teach you how to be proactive with your children’s health.

The 6 “Laws of Life” are crucial in “Raising Healthy, Drug-Free Children”

Law #1     

“God created your body with an amazing ability to heal.”

1)     A baby’s skeleton has over 300 bones, while the average adult has 206 bones.

2)     Bone is five times stronger than a steel bar of the same weight.

3)     The strong bones of the skull and spinal column protect the most important system of the body…the nervous system.

4)     The body has over 600 muscles which are under the direct control of the brain and nervous system.

5)     Chiropractors work with the nervous system, the master system of the body.  If your nerves were laid end to end they would measure about 47 miles (75km).

Law #2           

“Your body is in a constant state of breakdown and repair.”

-         Eliminating the symptoms of breakdown and disease allows your body to breakdown silently.

-         Eliminating the cause of breakdown and disease allows your body to repair naturally.

What Makes It All Work? 

1)     The repair process is under the total control of the brain and nervous system.  The body is repairing itself 24 hours/day.

2)     When an infection is present in the mouth, the tonsils swell and become painful as immune cells multiply to fight off the invaders.

3)     Immune cells recognize and ignore normal cells, but destroy infected or cancerous cells.  It’s amazing that 60% of the circulating white blood cells live only 6-20 hours.  Chiropractic adjustments boost the number of white blood cells.

Law #3

“Causes of breakdown appear to be limitless”

The average child falls over 1500 times in the first two years of life… That’s if they only fall two times per day.

There are 3 main categories of breakdown:

1)      Chemical poisons such as toxins or drugs that cause the body to break down

2)      Emotional thoughts or feelings of negativity and stress disrupt the brain’s ability to run our bodies properly.

3)      Physical traumas caused by bike accidents, slips and falls, sports injuries, car accidents and even the birth process.


“80% of children’s nervous systems not in balance”

In September, 1996 issue of Chiropractic Pediatrics, noted pediatric chiropractor Jennifer Peet, D.C. reports that research indicates that as many as 80% of children’s autonomic nervous systems are out of balance and that many of those are related to a subluxation.

In one of the landmark studies reviewed, Dr. G. Gutmann, a German medical doctor, reported in the Journal Manual Medicine in 1987 that many physical problems in more than 1000 infants he studied were caused by blocked nerve impulses at the level of the atlas, or first vertebrae of the neck.  The physical problems he noted were central motor impairment, lowered resistance to infections, particularly those of the ear, nose and throat.  Gutmann states “Chiropractic and radiological examinations are of decisive importance for diagnosis of the syndrome.”

Gutmann reached two important conclusions:

1)      “Observations of motor development and manual control of the (atlas-skull) joint complex should be obligatory after every difficult birth.”

2)      With any developmental impairment this joint complex should be examinded and, if required, specifically adjusted.”

He is telling us to have our children checked for subluxation

Gutmann reports that he has been “constantly amazed how, even with the lightest adjustment with the index finger, the clinical picture normalizes, sometimes gradually, but often immediately.”  He goes on to say “The success of adjustment overshadows every other type of treatment.”

Law #4             

“As the twig grows…so grows the tree”

This is exciting…It can also be scary

The statistics are staggering.  More than 5000 teenagers commit suicide, another 500 000 attempt to do so.

Thousands of children are killed every year in drug related accidents.  Millions of children are turning to drugs to find the answer.

What can we do as parents to help our children have a healthy self worth?  Whose responsibility is it?  It’s our responsibility to teach them…not our schools or government.

We all want to do the right thing

Many times in the attempt to raise healthy, drug-free children, we are creating a drug dependent one without even realizing it.  Are we actually programming it into our family’s behaviour right from the beginning?

“Developing Disastrous Patterns”

50 years ago the number one problem in school was chewing gum and running in the halls…today it’s drugs and violence.

“How does it all start?”

-         Our newly born baby starts to run a fever.  Concerned about the symptoms, your doctor prescribes drugs

-         Our toddler develops symptoms of a cold or flu, once again re run to the doctor…and they give our child drugs

-         Our elementary school child starts to sneeze and get a runny nose.  We run to the drug store and buy over-the-counter drugs

-          Our children go into middle school and our concerned teacher calls us and tells us “Your son/daughter is having problems concentrating.”  We go back to the medical doctor…for more drugs

 Let’s take this pattern one step further

-         Our children finally become adults.  The stresses and pressures of life can be incredible.  When they’re feeling down they can again run toward their old standby…drugs.

“Infants affected by Vertebral Subluxation”

Even infants can be affected by the life and health damaging effects of vertebral subluxation, so says a study conducted by V. Frymann, D.O.

Subluxations are epidemic in our society today!

Vertebral subluxation is a small misalignment of the bone that interfered with body function, health and the full expression of human potential.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, says that of 1250 infants chosen at random, 211 of them suffered from nervousness, vomiting, muscular abnormalities, tremors and insomnia.  95% (200) of those children had abnormal cervical (neck) muscle strain indicating vertebral subluxation.

When the subluxation was adjusted and the muscle strain removed, an immediate calming often resulted, the children’s crying stopped, the muscles relaxed and the children fell asleep.

Law #5            

 “Symptoms are not the problem…but merely the solution.”

A symptom is often a sign that the body has engaged its defense system

1)      Tonsils swell as a result of immune cells multiplying.  This is a healthy sign that your body is working properly…not a sign of a diseased organ.

2)      Your body coughs in order to expel dirt, debris and mucous.  This is a natural body response in order to clean your lungs out.

3)      You will vomit in order to expel spoiled food, toxic chemicals, or even to stop the digestive process in case of an emergency.

4)      Diarrhea is the body’s natural defense against the build-up of toxic, decaying food.  Your body causes a 104⁰ temperature in order to fight off infections naturally.

5)      Muscle spasms along the spine are created in order to correct subluxation.

Common Stresses Lead to Need for Chiropractic Care in Children

In the January/February 1995 issues of the ICA International Review of Chiropractic, Maxine McMullen, D.C. reports on the physical stresses children are subjected to that can lead to spinal problems requiring chiropractic care.

Dr. McMullen, Dean of Chiropractic Sciences at Palmer College, is the chair of the International Chiropractors Association council on chiropractic Pediatrics.  In the article, McMullen points out that the stress on the infant encountered during the medically assisted delivery proves (from mechanical extraction, such as forceps, suction devices or cesarean section) can cause severe problems from too much force being applied to the infant’s neck.

Problems that can result include irritability, colic, failure to thrive, and lowered immune response syndromes.

Developmental problems also occur as the child grows older.  When a women breastfeeds her baby, movement on one side of the baby’s body is constricted while freedom of movement is allowed on the other side.  This process is reversed as the baby is changed from one breast to another and allows for a balanced input of perception into the baby’s central nervous system, a necessity for proper development.

Mothers who bottle feed their babies tend to choose the side that is most comfortable for them and stick the side that is most comfortable for them to stick with the position during every feeding.  As a result, there is not a balances perception input and therefore improper nervous system development can occur.

We may be unknowingly harming our children

When babies start to cross-crawl at about six months of age, it is important not to put them into playpens, walkers or hanging baby seats.  Forcing erect posture on a baby too early putts stress on structures not yet ready for such forces.  Predictably, problems result.

Law #6 - under construction

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