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Cafe of Life is your best choice for a chiropractor in Toronto who understands the relationship between chiropractic care and yoga.  We strongly believe that a healthy body is the result of not only the physical body but the mind and spirit as well. All parts of our bodies work together like a well-oiled machine except when something is out of place. We cannot be strong or well until we make that connection and create a plan to fix what is broken.

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When yoga became popular, many thought it was just a phase that would cycle itself out eventually. However, it has become increasingly popular. A good Yoga program will strengthen your WHOLE body. It can improve your flexibility and balance. Yoga has the power to increase your stamina, reduce stress and keep blood sugars level. When it is done properly, the benefits are tremendous.

But therein lies the problem. Many people are either doing yoga incorrectly or they are trying to do exercises their bodies are not prepared to do. If you bring a less than a healthy body to the yoga arena, you could injure yourself further or experience more pain than you currently have.

Chiropractic Care

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The key to enjoying yoga is a body that is in line. Chiropractic care will get your body in the right alignment so you can gain all of the advantages of doing yoga. Anyone who jumps into doing yoga without making sure their neck, back, arms and hips are not ready to withstand those types of exercise, could do damage. A pre-yoga Chiropractic exam can help determine if you have nutritional needs that are not being met or toxins that need to be cleansed from your body. This will give you a yoga-ready body!

The doctors at Cafe of Life each have specialties that can treat almost any issue you are experiencing. Dr. Shaian Mollaret D.C. is Level 3 certified in Network Spinal Analysis, is a member of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA) and holds a certification in Webster Technique as well as Maximized Living Spinal Correction. Dr. Evan Thomas Hill has been a Chiropractor for 10 years and specializes in body composition and health. He spends his time helping people discover answers to nutritional deficiency, toxicity, and stress. 

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